What to do if COMPASS is offline/down?

When the network experiences either a planned or an unplanned COMPASS downtime event, all inpatient and ED clinicians have the ability to access electronic patient data through a system called 724Access Viewer.  The data provided in 724Access Viewer is typically less than two minutes older than the data found in COMPASS (before it went offline) and can be retrieved as far back as 30 days.  At the present time, clinicians in the OR and PACU are using a separate system called DTS which shows some basic information inside COMPASS and it is expected that these areas will convert to 724Access Viewer in 2017 (TBD).

At the time of a Downtime Event, the department Manager, Charge Nurse or House Supervisor will issue a unique login code for that event which will be used by all clinicians to enter the 724Access Viewer or DTS.  There is one computer designated as the “724” “DTS” or “Downtime” computer in each patient care area/unit, which should always be plugged into a red power outlet.  Each department/patient care area will have its specific “Downtime Process” to follow regarding patient care order placement, medication administration and care documentation, as well as results viewing. 

To accommodate for both inpatient and outpatient care areas’ downtime processes, there are 2 versions of the 724Access Viewer user guides and 1 for DTS. 

These user guides can be viewed here:

1)      724Access Viewer User Guide (Inpatient)

2)      724Access Viewer Firstnet User Guide (Outpatient)

3)      DTS Client Instructions (OR & PACU)