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I Know How to Take Care of Myself - by Tony Mook

I don’t why it’s so difficult for me to schedule my own wellness checkup. In my family, I’m the last to get to the dentist, last to get my eyes checked, the last to get to the dermatologist. Among my co-workers, I’m also the last to get the flu shot.

I fall into the category of the 80% percent of males who don’t really make healthcare decisions in the family. (This is a tad ironic as I managed Seton’s for many years, writing articles about why men and women should get healthcare checkups). There must be some psychological tie between not getting a checkup and not wanting to get directions. Of course I know where I’m going and how to take care of myself.


Thank goodness my wife thinks about these things and now that my daughter has turned 20, she too is concerned about my health. They are sometimes subtle, sometimes blunt, but always in tune with their prompting me to get to the doctor. The screenshot at left shows a recent conversation with my wife, Teresa Mook, daughter, Kayla (Boo) and me about getting my eyes checked.


I’m grateful that my wife and peers in the office recently suggested I see a dermatologist. It turns out I had some skin damage, I suspect from my teenage years as a lifeguard, spending days in the sun. Over the summer, the dermatologists took care of everything and now I’m on the path to regular checkups – feeling a little more aware, a little less immortal.

November is Movember

November is men’s health month, or as the awareness movement is called, “Movember”– a combination of a  portmanteau mustache + November.

Movember aims to increase early cancer detection, diagnosis and effective treatments for men, ultimately reducing the number of preventable deaths from cancer. Besides annual check-ups, the Movember Foundation encourages men to be aware of family history of cancer and to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

To create more awareness about men’s health, “Mo Bros” often grow a mustache for the duration of November, abstaining from shaving until Nov. 30.

You Can Get Involved

During Movember, we’re asking Seton men (and women!) to get involved. You have several options:

PLEDGE SELFIE. Ladies and gentlemen, make a pledge to help the men in your life get healthier through scheduling a wellness checkup, exercise with them or help them eat a little better. Use the mustache art below and take a selfie of yourself, along with a pledge card, as Seton associates Kendra and Miranda have done below. Send your selfie photos to Tony Mook,, or post them to your favorite social media.

MUSTACHE CHALLENGE. Gentlemen, we are looking for several men who are willing to grow a mustache this month and join us at the end of the month for a ceremonial shave. Start now – this is your chance to be a star! We’ll invite local media to cover the event. Email me at if you’re wanting to join the fun. To make it worth your time, each participant will receive a special gift for your participation.

DONATE. If you feel like raising funds for this worthy movement, you can participate in Austin Movember organizations:


Mustaches – Print them and cut out your favorite Humancare-colored ‘stache.


Pledge Card – Print then use a sharpie and write how you will improve the health of a male in your life.