COVID-19 Response Resource Center

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Ascension Texas Associates
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Andy Davis
President and CEO
Ascension Texas


March 19, 2020


COVID-19 Response Resource Center

To start, I want to say thank you all for your dedicated, tireless efforts as we deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Our community is blessed by your commitment during this time.

As we continue to improve the ways we get you the information you need, we have developed the COVID-19 Response Resource Center, an internal website for associates and clinicians to support our efforts to keep the entire Ascension community informed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The new site provides critical resources and updates for the Ascension community. The COVID-19 Response Resource Center replaces the use of Jam, SharePoint and the Ascension Texas Everything COVID-19 intranet page for housing the most recent Ascension resources and updates. All chapters of the toolkit formerly known as “COVID-19 Toolkit” are now represented as individual documents on the site. All memos can be found in a section titled “Other.” Please bookmark the page and check it often.

The site is accessible to all associates, contingent workers, aligned medical staff, and other Ascension stakeholders with an existing Google account. For more details click here

As information continues to evolve based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, documents, protocols and resources on the site will be updated. Please note the Ascension Texas Everything COVID-19 site will remain a resource for localized information for our associates.

Thank you.