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We’re nearing the home stretch. May 21 is move-in day!

To prepare for a successful transition to the new hospital, all clinical and non-clinical staff working Sunday, May 21 are required to attend Move School.

One-hour sessions will be offered May 3, 4, 9 and 10. The sessions will be held at Dell Seton.

Those working a night shift, May 20 or May 21, are highly encouraged to attend. Volunteers from across the Seton network who will be helping on May 21 should also sign up.

Move School training will step you through how things will work on move day. You’ll learn about the move manual, move process and everyone’s roles and responsibilities with the move.

Contact Carrie Schumacher to sign up for a Move School time,

Thank you for making time to attend this important training event. Together, we will ensure a smooth transition to Dell Seton.

Associate Tours

Associate Tours continue through April 22. If you have not attended, be sure to sign up five days prior to your tour on myLearning.

Future training

Department and clinical orientation is being scheduled now. Supervisors will select a session and inform their teams when to attend. Check with your manager or educator for your orientation schedule.

To prepare staff for what to do during code scenarios like code blue, CRT stroke or code heart, “Day in the Life” training will be held in May. More details to come.