Get Your Flu Shot to Protect You and Our Patients

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Mandatory Flu Shot to Protect You and Our Patients

New Ascension Flu Vaccination Documentation Requirements in 2018-2019

A mandatory flu vaccination policy is now in effect across Ascension requiring every person who works with patients or works in a patient care area to be vaccinated, including physicians and any allied health professionals and healthcare affiliates, that you may sponsor. This is a measure to align with CDC recommendations and to protect our at risk patients, as well as our associates and Medical Staff. More detailed instructions and document submission guidance to include declination request forms for religious beliefs or medical contraindications are available below.

As long as you provide the appropriate documentation, you may obtain your vaccination through any source; however, if you receive your vaccination at one of our upcoming flu clinics we will automatically record the necessary information. We are prepared to offer vaccination to any and all providers who work at our facilities.

A Flu Clinic schedule by site is located on the bottom of this page.

Please use the appropriate form to submit your vaccination documentation or declination.

What Now?

All Medical Staff, even those non-employed, are required to provide Influenza documentation or provide a medical or religious declination form.

If you haven’t taken your flu shot yet, vaccination clinics will be open from October 1 – November 9.  Click the flyer below to view the Ascension Seton flu clinic dates and times.

If you’ve already taken your flu shot, get the shot after Nov. 9th, or you are a non-Ascension Texas employed provider, submit your flu shot documentation to the Seton Medical Affairs Administration (Medical Staff) Office by Dec. 17th.

Declination Forms Due Oct. 31

Anyone who declines to take the vaccine based on medical contraindication or religious objection must submit a declination form to Seton Occupational Health for review and approval by the Ascension Texas Influenza Committee no later than 11:59 p.m. on Oct.31.

  • View below for the medical declination form.
  • View below for the religious declination form.

To view the 2018/2019 Ascension Texas Influenza Vaccination Policy, view below.

For Frequently Asked Questions, view document below.

General Questions?

Call Ascension Seton Health and Wellness: 512-324-5650.

You can also email questions to

Serious Concerns?

Please contact your medical staff site leader as listed below:


Dell Children's Medical Center - Meena Iyer, MD

Dell Seton Medical Center - David Martin, MD

Seton Edgar B. Davis - David Martin, MD

Seton Highland Lakes Hospital - David Martin, MD

Seton Medical Center Austin - Amy Gottschalk, MD

Seton Medical Center Hays - Fausto Meza, MD

Seton Medical Center Williamson - Jim Geracci, MD

Seton Northwest Hospital - Jason Martin, MD

Seton Shoal Creek - Amy Walton, MD

Seton Smithville Regional Hospital - David Martin, MD

Seton Southwest - David Martin, MD