Happy Doctors' Day

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Sent on behalf of Jes?s Garza, President and CEO, Seton Healthcare Family | Senior Vice President, Ascension Health-Texas Ministry Market


Dear Doctors,

I am very pleased to wish you another happy National Doctors’ Day. Over the past 15 years, I have witnessed not only your passion for person-centered care, but also your advocacy and community efforts. This wide range of efforts—understanding the needs of the individual person and the community as a whole—is the spirit of Humancare. Thanks to your leadership, we’re becoming a more compassionate, efficient and engaged healthcare family.

Because you are top influencers with patients and in the community, we are constantly striving to ensure you have opportunities to contribute to our growth and workplace culture. For example, based on recent feedback from physician leaders, we know that better Electronic Health Records (EHR) are an opportunity to improve site efficiency and patient care. There has been aggressive work with EHR. We’ve also addressed opportunities with staffing through the Clinical Leader Financial Council to work on improving case mix index, so we can better use our resources to care for and treat patients.

As the number of Ascension Texas physicians, both employed and in the community, continues to grow, hearing your voice is more important than ever. We continue to strive to create an environment where our doctors feel heard, supported, and engaged. So, Ascension Texas’ Physician Engagement (PE) Team is here to help you easily access Seton Healthcare Family facilities and resources. Your dedicated Seton PE partner will help you:

  • Stay informed about what’s happening within the internal and external physician communities
  • Identify opportunities to improve access to Seton physicians and services
  • Track and resolve issues within Seton and its facilities that impact your ability to deliver excellent care
  • Transform market intelligence into action

It’s Humancare for physicians and one of the many benefits of practicing with Ascension Texas.

We know that you have been working tirelessly to shape the future of healthcare—and Humancare—in Central Texas. Your continued dedication to the science and craft of medicine is making Central Texas a healthier and happier place. Thank you.